Nojay Highest Scoring Legislator in 2015 Conservative Party Ratings

Last week, the Conservative Party of New York State released its legislative ratings for the 2015 legislative session. The ratings help keep the electorate knowledgeable of how their legislators voted on twenty-five key bills acted upon during the 2015 legislative session.

Nojay.jpgThe Conservative Party tracks legislation, issues support and opposition memos, and at an executive committee meeting determines which key issues (including spending, crime, education, nanny-state legislation and various other topics) will be used to rate each legislator’s performance.

Livingston County’s Assemblyman Bill Nojay, pictured, was the highest scoring member overall with 96% in this year's ratings.  Seven senators tied as the highest scored in the Senate with 76%, including Senators Pat Gallivan and Cathy Young.

Jason J. McGuire, Livingston County Conservative Party Chairman, congratulated Nojay. McGuire said, “The State Assembly is dominated by downstate, far-left legislators. It is no easy task to navigate the wayward waters of the state’s lower chamber. Livingston County’s Conservative Party appreciates the fact that Asm. Nojay has not forgotten the upstate voters he represents during his tenure in the Assembly.”

"Additionally, we are pleased that our state senators, Pat Gallivan and Cathy Young, tied with five other senators as the highest scoring senators in the state's upper chamber. As our local delegation moves up the ranks, Livingston County voters should look for a Senate that moves more to the right," concluded McGuire.

This year, the overall New York State Senate rating was 62%, up from last year's 56.7%. The Conservative-endorsed Senate average was 72.75%. The Democrats in the Senate averaged 50%.

The State Assembly did better than last year with an overall rating of 37%, up from 25.18% last year. The Conservative-endorsed Members of the Assembly averaged 74.4%, while the Democrat Assembly members averaged 21%.

Michael Long, Conservative Party State Chairman, said, "Voters should review our ratings and remind their legislators that conservative fiscal policies work for taxpayers and for businesses. Conservative values reinforce the principles our great country was founded upon.” 

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