A Response to Those Who Would Ignore The Horrors of Hamas

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Livingston County, NY – In an October 9, 2023, article entitled, “Geneseo rally to call for ceasefire in Israel”, the Livingston County News reports that “Members and supporters of Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace will gather Friday afternoon in Geneseo for a rally calling for an immediate ceasefire in Israel.” On behalf of the Livingston County Conservative Party, Chairman Jason J. McGuire offers the following response:

“Normally, our party would ignore the efforts by these well-intentioned, but misguided individuals. However, this rally requires a response. The Livingston County Conservative Party recognizes the First Amendment Rights of free speech and assembly in which these citizens have the liberty to engage. Still, while liberty necessarily permits license, the wise application of it should also practice prudence. Prudence is the virtue that these participants are sorely lacking.”

“The unprovoked attack by Hamas upon the peaceful people of Israel on October 7, 2023 cannot be ignored. One account of the horrors of that day records that hate-mongering Hamas terrorists entered a home. They killed a husband and father in front of his wife and child, stuffed the child in the oven, and at least three times took turns raping the mother and video recording the violence, while the violated woman could smell her child’s burning flesh and hear her child’s cry.”

“There cannot and should not be a ceasefire. Israeli leadership has already allowed weeks for civilians to exit Gaza, but Hamas is preventing many from seeking safety. Hamas leaders hide their command centers under hospitals and cowardly use human shields to protect themselves from capture or death. If Israel does not respond with swift justice, Hamas will only regroup and continue its attacks upon the Jewish people. This must not be allowed to happen.”

“Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace should recognize the complexities of this crisis and the savage barbarism of Hamas. It should resist adding its voice and any support to the rising tide of antisemitism that the American people are witnessing in recent days. If there is to be a peaceful protest, let it be directed against those seeking the genocide of the Jewish people, not a demand that the violated leave themselves vulnerable to continued violence.”

“When the wolf stands at the door, the sheep appreciate a sheepdog who bares his teeth.”

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