Adoption of Public Campaign Financing Advances Corruption

Governor Cuomo's Moreland Commission is said to be considering public campaign financing as a way to curb corruption in Albany. The Conservative Party believes corruption only expands when public taxpayer dollars are used to fund political campaigns. 

Requiring taxpayers to fund campaigns they do not support is an affront to the core of America's foundation and stifles the genuine competition that has produced some of the world's greatest leaders. Public financing of campaigns is currently required in New York City, and the results are horrendous.  Much of the taxpayer money is used for fringe candidates or even straw candidates who run campaigns designed to keep the incumbent in office. 

The Center for Competitive Politics issued a report in September 2011 that examined public campaign financing in Maine, Arizona and New York City.  The report’s executive summary stated that "[T]he abuse of public funds is so severe and the record of corrupt practices and other misdeeds are so rampant, particularly in the city of New York, that such a system cannot possibly live up to the ‘clean’ moniker that has been assigned to it by proponents. The system does not deter either corruption or the appearance of corruption."

It is hypocritical for the Moreland Commission Members to consider requiring a corrupt system to end the corruption in Albany. It proves once again that when government tries to micromanage every affair, it will fail and leave its citizens with a distrust of the very entity that was designed to protect them.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is being disingenuous with New York citizens. He has raised over $27 million for his upcoming reelection campaign, but then has the audacity to say to Empire State taxpayers that public financing of campaigns is good for New Yorkers. The Governor continues to raise campaign cash at historic levels with his left hand, while extending his right to those who would limit campaign contributions and subsequently our First Amendment Rights.

The New York State Conservative Party firmly believes that candidates must present their ideas to the people. When people learn what a candidate stands for, they will invest their money in the candidate that reflects their principles. Taxpayers must not be forced to invest in candidates that do not reflect their values. Full and complete disclosure is the only way to have honest campaigns, and honest campaigns weed out corruption.

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