An Open Letter to Livingston County Conservatives

Dear Conservative Friend,

On Tuesday, November 5, Livingston County voters will have the privilege and responsibility of choosing this county’s 50th Sheriff. County Conservatives have chosen Jim Szczesniak to run as our candidate.

Szczesniak_Headshot.jpgJim is the candidate best suited to serve in the position. Mr. Szczesniak is a third generation resident of the Conesus Lake community, and has been married for 24 years. He brings a 28-year history of service to the Livingston County Sheriff's Office. Starting as a part-time corrections officer in 1985, Jim has worked his way through the ranks at every level of deputy and command. Since 2010, Jim has been serving as the Undersheriff.  Undersheriff Jim Szczesniak is the only candidate ready to lead the Sheriff’s Department from day one.

Jim has been offering straight answers to county residents’ questions. I have been most impressed by Jim’s experience, integrity and strength of conviction. Regarding the so-called SAFE Act, Jim has said:

Know that I support the Second Amendment, and have opposed Governor Cuomo's gun control law. While The Sheriff's Department cannot legislate, we do have jurisdiction over the allocation of resources and discretion in enforcement of the law. A Sheriff Szczesniak Administration will make certain that every incoming employee of the Sheriff's Department is handed a copy of the United States Constitution. They will be reminded of the tremendous responsibility they have to uphold a citizen's Constitutional rights, and of the particular officer's right of discretion. Our office will focus on crimes that bring danger to our community and harm to its residents, rather than targeting an individual's right to protect his life, family and property.

If we want a core conservative in the Sheriff’s Department, then Jim Szczesniak is our guy.  I do not believe that Jim’s opponent has the experience to lead the Sheriff’s Department effectively. You can learn as you go on the campaign trail, but the Sheriff's Office is no place for on-the-job training. I’m asking that you vote row “C” – Jim Szczesniak for Sheriff on Tuesday, November 5.

If you would like to offer your own endorsement of Jim's candidacy, you can do so here.

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Jason J. McGuire,


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