State Conservative Party Files Suit To Protect Fusion Voting

The New York State Conservative Party filed a lawsuit on Monday in State Supreme Court to prevent the Commission on Public Finance from changing and/or abridging State Election Law as it pertains to fusion voting.  (Fusion voting is the process that allows two or more political parties to list the same candidate and the pooling […]

Conservative Party Supports Noto and Van Allen In Primary

Dear Conservative Party Voter, I want to thank you for being a member of the Conservative Party of New York State. At a time when leftist legislators are running amok, it is more important than ever that our party serve as a persuasive voice of reason to all who will hear it. It is imperative […]

George Borrello Is The Clear Choice For State Senate

When Senator Cathy Young resigned her seat earlier this year, it left a vacancy in the 57th Senate District. This void has left the people of the 57th without representation in Albany. Thankfully, that lack of representation is coming to a close. There are two candidates seeking to fill the Senator’s shoes. The Conservative Party […]

Senator Gallivan Seeks To Stop The Green Light Bill

Democrat-led legislation, moving through the Senate and Assembly, would permit illegal immigrants to apply for standard driver’s licenses using forms of foreign identification, leaving county clerks and employees at local Departments of Motor Vehicles unable to truly verify authenticity.  The New York Association of County Clerks opposes the legislation since they cannot vet documents from […]

Conservatives Oppose Paid Surrogacy

The Conservative Party understands that most married couples are eager to have children, especially children who are genetically linked to them. For some couples, this has not been possible due to infertility or the inability of same-sex couples to reproduce. Now, 21st century medical advancements have made it possible for these couples to start families. […]

Conservative Party Urges Opposition To The “(In)Equality Act”

Our laws should protect the constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms of every citizen, no matter who they are. Every person should be treated with dignity and respect. But a federal piece of legislation, known as the “Equality Act” (H.R. 5), would guarantee inequality and create countless victims. The “Equality Act” is not about civil rights, but civil tyranny. Here […]

Conservatives Oppose Legislation that Undermines Women And People of Faith

Conservatives are united in strong opposition to the Democrat-sponsored “Equality Act” and the “Fairness for All Act.” The titles of these bills belie their consequences, which will undermine parental rights, and the pro-life and conscience rights of medical professionals, make environments inherently unfair, unequal, and unsafe for women and curtail religious freedom for both religious […]

Conservatives Petition To Keep ‘Killer Clark’ In Prison

Today, State Conservative Chairman Jerry Kassar announced that the State Conservative Party has launched an online petition to deny killer Judith Clark parole and keep her in prison. Clark was charged with three counts of felony murder and sentenced to three consecutive 25-year-to-life sentences for her participation in the infamous 1981 Brinks Robbery that left […]

Statement From Chairman Jason J. McGuire In Regard To Judicial Petitions

Livingston County, NY – Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, issued the following statement regarding the party’s petition process for this year’s judicial races: “Yesterday, was the deadline for petition signatures to be submitted to the County Board of Elections for all candidates seeking to appear on the ballot in the […]