Conservatives Call On Cuomo To Curb State Spending

Brooklyn, NY -  State Conservative Party Chairman, Michael R. Long, is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to curb New York State's spending habits immediately.  For far too long, New York has depended on federal dollars (including New York's residents being able to write-off high state and local taxes) and bonding to help balance its budget.

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Conservative Party Urges A No Vote On Proposal 1 And Yes Votes on Proposals 2 And 3

Vote NO on proposition number 1: Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?

The New York State Conservative Party has long opposed the idea of holding a Constitutional Convention.  The last Constitutional Convention was held in 1967. State Conservative Party Chairman Michael R. Long was a participant. In Chairman Long’s opinion, “the Convention was a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money.” If one were held today, State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli conservatively estimates that it would cost taxpayers $50 Million. This would be money well spent, if it could bring the change our state so desperately needs, but the political reality is that the Constitutional Convention would ultimately be controlled by the same liberal interests that already have a stranglehold on the existing legislative process. 

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2ndVote"GunCam" Challenges Anti-2nd Amendment Rhetoric

2ndVote, the conservative watchdog for corporate activism, has announced the launch of its latest project: 2ndVote GunCam.

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President Trump’s religious freedom order offers welcome shift in tone

Do you believe in freedom?

Most Americans would answer this question “yes.” After all, the desire to be free from an oppressive monarch led to the American Revolution, and liberty is one of the “unalienable rights” mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

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