Conservative Chair Commits To Lee Zeldin For New York

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Livingston County, NY – Jason J. McGuire, the State Conservative Party’s Mid-Western Regional Vice Chair and Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, today announced his support of Rep. Lee Zeldin in the 2022 race for governor of New York.

On October 14, 2021, County Conservatives hosted a meet-and-greet event in Avon attended by State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar, Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-1), Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes, and several candidates for office in this year’s General Election. While introducing Rep. Zeldin, McGuire said:

“Single-party control in the statehouse has unleashed a relentless attack on New Yorkers’ savings accounts, personal safety, and individual liberties. Governor ‘Happenstance’ Hochul, has demonstrated that she is not only fully committed to continuing the Cuomo agenda, but that she will take it even further. The top-down directives of vaccine mandates for healthcare heroes, her fealty to late-term abortion activists and reports that she is considering legalizing prostitution all lead the Empire State in a downward direction. We need a candidate who will lead New York ever upward. That candidate is Lee Zeldin.”

“As a veteran, former prosecutor in the United States Army, committed husband and father, and lifelong New Yorker, Lee Zeldin can lead our state back to its previous glory. In 2014, Congressman Zeldin flipped his Congressional seat and turned this previously Democrat-held seat into a GOP stronghold. Last November, he won that seat by double digits. Now, he aims to do it statewide. Lee is crisscrossing New York building a coalition of Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats and independent voters who will take back our state from the Democratic Socialists who would destroy it.”

“For over a decade, I have watched Lee do what he says he would do. It isn’t rhetoric, but results, from this representative. He doesn’t skip over Livingston or any other county in our state. Since announcing his candidacy, Mr. Zeldin has made repeated trips here. I am confident, that in a Zeldin Administration, the men and women of Livingston County will not lose out to Manhattan special interests. Therefore, I am supporting Rep. Lee Zeldin for Governor of New York.”

On October 13, the Zeldin campaign announced that Chairman McGuire will serve on the Congressman’s search committee for a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

At the same event, McGuire also reiterated his party’s support for: State Supreme Court 7th Judicial District candidates Elena F. Cariola and Jim Walsh, Acting County Clerk Andrea Bailey for a full-term as County Clerk, incumbent Amy L. Davies for County Treasurer, Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty for another term as Sheriff, and Shannon Griese for County Coroner. 

Also in attendance was Mr. John Sarcone, Esq., who is seeking the Conservative and Republican nomination for State Attorney General in the 2022 General Election. 

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