Conservative Party Endorses Chris Jacobs For Congress

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New York State Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar announced that the Executive Committee of the State Conservative Party, upon a recommendation from Western New York Party leaders, endorsed Congressman Chris Jacobs for re-election to Congress.

The Conservative Party had endorsed Darien Attorney Beth Parlato for Congress, but a vacancy on the Conservative Party line occurred when Parlato was nominated for a seat on the State Supreme Court. Jacobs defeated Parlato in the Republican Congressional Primary last June, leaving a split in the often-aligned Republican and Conservative parties. The Conservative Party’s endorsement of Jacobs unifies the two lines on the General Election ballot this fall. Chairman Kassar called the endorsement, “a logical conclusion of a process that allowed voters to express their preference. Chris Jacobs won that contest and now he will go on to represent the people of the 27th Congressional District ably in Congress.”

Livingston County Conservative Party Chairman Jason McGuire said, “We are grateful that Mrs. Parlato carried our banner and helped advance conservative principles during her congressional campaign. Our party preferred her candidacy in this year’s congressional primary, but she was not victorious. The choices before us now are Congressman Chris Jacobs or a far-left candidate. We choose Rep. Chris Jacobs.”

Erie County Chairman Ralph Lorigo said, “As a party official, I have always believed, we are here to promote the will of voters. I have known Chris Jacobs for a number of years. He has always shown himself to be an advocate for his constituents. I am glad we will work together with our Republican allies to defeat Nate McMurray and provide President Trump a strong voice for conservative values.”

Congressman Jacobs in accepting the endorsement stated, “America is facing a major decision in November and conservatives are stronger when we are united. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Conservative Party and I look forward to continuing to work in Congress to rebuild our economy, restore safety to our streets, and protect the rights and future of all Western New Yorkers.”

The Conservative Party in the 27th Congressional District received over 34,000 votes for Congress in the 2016 Presidential election year. It continues to be an influential line in this region and across the state.

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