Conservative Party Chair Statement Concerning County Clerk’s Race

Livingston County, NY – Today Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, issued the following comments regarding the race for County Clerk.

“First, I would like to commend Mr. James A. Culbertson on his tenure as Livingston County Clerk. As a resident of this county, I have appreciated the speed with much Mr. Culbertson has handled affairs pertinent to his office. His experience in the private sector has provided a great public benefit to this county. Mr. Culbertson has modernized the office of the County Clerk and made it one of the most efficient in this state. He is respected by fellow clerks across the state and is well-deserving of the praise he has received.”

“The Livingston County Conservative Party Committee has entertained a great deal of discussion regarding the County Clerk’s race in light of Mr. Culbertson’s decision not to seek reelection. Members of our Executive Committee have been in discussion with three potential candidates, both registered Conservative and Republican, as potential successors to Mr. Culbertson,” McGuire continued.

“One of our party mantras has been that if we consistently seek the most qualified and principled conservative candidates the party building will take care of itself. Unfortunately, Republican leadership in this county has discouraged the current Deputy Clerk, Mary Strickland, from seeking Conservative endorsement. While Conservatives find this action disconcerting to the political process and disappointing to those Conservative Party members who were urging support for Ms. Strickland, it is the petty partisan politics of the past not the future of our proud county.”

“Our committee has decided to abide by our guiding principle and seek the most qualified conservative candidate. While we will not be endorsing in the race for county clerk, neither will we be running a lesser qualified candidate merely to make a point. It is our hope that the legacy Mr. Culbertson is leaving – particularly in the quick turnaround regarding pistol permit applications – will continue in the future. We also hope that Ms. Strickland, should she be elected, demonstrate a certain measure of independence from her party and a willingness to represent all of the people of Livingston County,” concluded McGuire.

A similar logic has been applied to the race for County Coroner where the Republican candidate is not seeking Conservative endorsement. Conservatives did briefly consider running a registered Conservative in this race, but ultimately decided to focus its resources on the gubernatorial race.

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