Conservative Party Encourages Tax Credits for Educational Donations

New York State Conservative Party Chairman Michael R. Long called on the Members of the State Legislature to help both beleaguered taxpayers and school districts by passing the Education Investment Incentive Act. This proposal helps students and teachers in public and non-public schools by encouraging individuals and scholarship organizations to make cash contributions and receive a tax credit. This proposal is a win for everyone and should be passed without delay. The memo on S.4099 and A.1826 follows:


Each of these bills would provide incentives in the form of tax credits for donations to public education entities, local education funds, and educational scholarship organizations, as well as tax credits for certain expenses incurred by school personnel and parents who educate their children at home, qualified educators who purchase materials and supplies for classroom use.

Party Position:

A good education is the key to a good future and New York's citizens deserve every opportunity to have the best education available. Voluntary cash contributions would go a long way to lessen the need for additional tax revenue.

This bill encourages contributions by providing a tax credit for donations. Schools that are in areas facing cuts to programs will have the ability to raise funds, and give a tax credit to those who contribute to prevent programs from closing. The result would help local taxpayers. The bill encourages greater charitable donations to education by providing a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit, instead of the less valuable tax deduction that already exists.

We often hear about public school teachers who spend their own money on supplies, this bill would allow them to receive a $100.00 individual tax credit for out-of-pocket purchases of classroom supplies and materials.

Students attending non-public schools will also benefit from this proposal. Scholarship organizations will be able to provide scholarships to more students, including minority students and students from low-income and middle class households. This bill also would help parents that are struggling financially keep their children in nonpublic schools.

The Conservative Party urges the Members of the Legislature to pass this bill to help all of New York's students have the education they need to have the future they deserve.

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