Conservative Party Opposes Casino Gambling Expansion

The New York State Conservative Party urges the Members of the State Legislature to reject expanding casinos in New York State.

Party Position:

The New York State Conservative Party recognizes the need to create jobs in New York State, but we also recognize that jobs being created should not be the vehicle that puts established small business in surrounding areas out of business. Unfortunately, when casinos are built, all too often small businesses are the biggest losers.

When a government relies on a new casino for job creation and economic development it is a dubious proposition at best. Big-moneyed casino interests will often sell themselves as a quick fix for the economic aliments of struggling communities, however, more often than not, the exact opposite is the case.

Obviously, any business is in business to make a profit, and casinos are no different. Once they have customers inside, the casino will provide what they need to keep them there, food, drink and other services that end up competing with established business who ultimately lose their customers to the casino and go out of business.

Casinos do not create new economic activity; it takes money from other activities. A person, who puts their money in a slot machine or on a crap table, does not spend money in the local bakery or florist. Money in a slot machine does not keep the baker busy baking more for the next day.

And, most importantly, gambling can very easily become a problem causing financial despair. The effects of gambling addiction are well known; broken homes and increased crime causing increased costs for law enforcement and social services.

New York does not have a shortage of gambling establishments there are 14 in New York and 39 close by in the Northeast. That is in addition to off-track betting parlors and New York Lottery Games.

In 1967, when New York established the New York State Lottery, New Yorkers were promised that the funds would be used to help reduce escalating education costs. However, most taxpayers consistently pay more in school taxes.

Now we are being told casinos will help tourism in upstate, but recent revenue reports show the Northeast casinos are reporting revenues are off and New Jersey has had six years of declining revenues. With revenues off, is now the time to add more casinos?

It is our future; do we really want to gamble with it by allowing more casinos to be built?

The New York State Conservative Party urges the Members of the Legislature to reject expanding casinos in New York State.

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