Conservative Party Opposes Job-Killing Minimum Wage Hike

The NYS Conservative Party is urging the Members of the State Legislature to vote "NO" on any effort to increase New York's minimum wage.

The New York State Conservative Party is a strong proponent of the free market economy that has served its constituents well.  Businesses exist to make a profit and competition in the market place is an important component to achieving its goals. An entrepreneur takes great risk when launching their small business, still the backbone of America's economy, and should not be saddled by, albeit "do-gooders", who think raising the minimum wage helps. As renowned economist, Milton Friedman, said, "the market, if allowed to set wages, will maximize the total number of jobs", and in today's economic climate, we need to create jobs, not stifle their creation.

Minimum wage jobs were never intended to be the means to support families, they are considered entry-level positions people need to gain work experience and with increased experience comes increasing paychecks. If a family has no other choice than a minimum wage position, there is an enormous range of government assistance programs available including the EITC that actually gives a minimum wage earner an effective rate of $10.44 an hour.


An increase in the minimum wage brings more than just the amount given to the wage earner, it means an increase in various other business expenses, for example, Workers Compensation costs, Unemployment Insurance and Commercial Insurance costs and employers still do not know what health benefits will be incurred.


The most important thing government can do for those in minimum wage positions is to cut the cost of doing business in New York State and let businesses use the savings to create more jobs.


Small businesses feel the impact of minimum wage increases immediately with a bump up effect.  If a person earning the minimum wage is bumped up, the owners have a moral obligation to bump up employees earning more than the minimum wage. Large companies are also impacted by increasing the minimum wage and will find ways to reduce employment costs.


How many more companies have to move overseas before government stops imposing what "do-gooders" think is best?  A high minimum wage also gives businesses an incentive to mechanize duties previously held by humans.


The Conservative Party of New York State strongly opposes increasing the minimum wage and urges legislators to vote no on this job-killing initiative.


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