Conservative Party Proves It Can Compete Anywhere In Livingston County

Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, issued the following comments regarding the 2017 General Election results:

“2017 will be remembered as another historic year for the Livingston County Conservative Party. In countywide races, Sheriff Tom Dougherty and Treasurer Amy Mann ran unopposed. Our party congratulates them, and looks forward to their continued service to our county.”


“With uncontested races at the top of the ticket, the party’s attention focused on the contested races for Town Supervisor in Conesus, Lima and Livonia. In two of these three races (Conesus and Lima), our candidates appeared only on the Conservative Party’s Row C, and faced opponents who were cross-endorsed by both the Republicans and the Democrats.”

“In Conesus, the Conservative-endorsed Robert Delena, a first-time candidate, came within just thirty-four votes of unseating the incumbent Supervisor Brenda Donohue on election night. Mr. Delena is to be applauded for having mounted such a vigorous challenge. At the time of this writing, Mr. Delena has not yet conceded the race as we awaits absentee ballot counting. Delena’s forty years of experience in government, program operations, regulatory matters, and management would be a welcome addition to the Board of Supervisors.”

“In Lima, the announcement that Supervisor Pete Yendell would not be seeking reelection, left an open seat in that town. Sadly, the people of Lima are looking at empty storefronts, and a vacant lot where the town’s only grocery store formerly sat. Many residents are worried that they’ll soon lose their post office as well. When Mike Falk interviewed with our party last May, we heard a candidate who loved Lima and would offer a way forward for the residents of the town.”

“But, in the race for Lima Town Supervisor, we ultimately faced an opponent, Colleen Allen, who had united the Republican and the Democratic ticket. Mrs. Allen was a candidate who had the backing of the town’s political establishment. We knew we would be the underdog, we always are. However, the Livingston County Conservative Party is a small—but scrappy—party. We believed we could win.”

“We worked with Mr. Falk to build a campaign that provided a fresh perspective and positive solutions to the community. The message resonated with the residents. Falk won with over 64% of the vote. The people of Lima have given Mike Falk a mandate for positive change. Supervisor-elect Falk will serve Lima residents and all of Livingston County well as a town supervisor.”

“In the race for Livonia Town Supervisor, Conservative support helped Eric Gott easily defeat his Democratic challenger, Marty Hughes. Mr. Gott currently serves as not only the Livonia Supervisor, but is also the Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors.”

“Looking again at the Town of Lima, Town Justice Harold J. Harris ran uncontested for his seat. Judge Harris drew 380 votes or 19% on the Conservative line.”

Finally, regarding the ballot propositions, the Conservative Party helped to overwhelmingly defeat Proposal 1, the Constitutional Convention question. We are also pleased to report that Proposals 2 and 3 passed. Votes on the Conservative Party line made a difference in 2017. Now, we set our sights on 2018.


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