Conservative Party Urges Legislators to Reject Dream Act Legislation

The Conservative Party issued the following memo to the Members of the State Legislature urging them to reject efforts to pass legislation known as the Dream Act, S2378-B (Peralta)/A2597-A (Moya). The memo follows:


This bill seeks to advance the educational opportunities to the children of immigrants by providing scholarships to college bound students. The bill also eliminates potential financial obstacles to obtaining State financial aid and extend the opportunities for certain immigrant students to attend higher education institutions in this state; providing a benefit consistent with U.S. citizens and nationals. It also seeks to eliminate barriers for immigrant aliens to save for their families by allowing such individuals to open a NYS 529 family tuition account.

Party Position:

America's uniqueness is treating law-abiding citizens equally, however, as the purpose of this bill clearly states, it seeks to "provide a benefit consistent with U. S. citizens and nationals." It seeks to give students who are not U.S. citizens and nationals scholarships and financial aid who are in our country without following the procedures required to enter America and start a path to citizenship.

By providing scholarships and financial aid to certain immigrant students, our own citizens, who also struggle financially, may be denied their dreams of attending college, thereby undermining the very essence of everything America stands for.

We are a nation of immigrants, we are proud of that fact, and of the privileges we provide our citizens both born here and naturalized. We cannot demoralize the hopes and dreams of those who follow our immigration laws and start providing scholarships and financial aid to students who are in our country illegally, albeit through no fault of their own.

Citizenship has its privileges. We understand the necessity of education, however, providing scholarships and financial aid is an opportunity that must be reserved to those who live by our laws.

The Conservative Party of New York State urges the Members of the Legislature to abide by our U.S. Constitution, an oath freely taken, and reject this bill.

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