Conservative Party Urges State Legislature to Reject Turning Back the Clock

The New York State Conservative Party is strongly opposed to the Governor's Program Bill (#9) that seeks to "codify" New York's abortion law.  The memo follows:

Party Position: 

The Governor's proposed bill states that it seeks to break down barriers that perpetuate discrimination and inequality based on gender and if that were the true purpose of the bill, it would not include expanding abortion "rights" in New York State.  Nine of the ten major proponents of the proposal could stand alone in separate bills and most likely pass (note: some are already in statute) overwhelming, but Part J, protecting a woman's freedom of choice, is an affront to all women except the extremists who support killing an infant just prior to its natural birth.

Just this past April, Americans learned of the atrocities committed by Kermit Gosnell and were shocked at the methods he used to kill a child that survived his abortive hands.  Now we have a Governor that wants to remove any restrictions placed on abortions under the guise of "codifying" New York's abortion laws based on the Roe v. Wade 410 U.S. 113 (1973) case.  (A case that we have learned was based on a lie.) 

As the Chiaroscuro Foundation rightly points out, current federal law is based not on Roe v. Wade alone, but on Roe as modified by Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) which allows sensible restrictions on abortion and Gonzalez v Carhart (2007) that ended the horrific partial birth abortion that a vast majority of women find abhorrent. 

To go back to what was allowed under Roe v. Wade removes sensible restrictions on abortion and opens every clinic door to Kermit Gosnell clones and as we have learned Gosnell's methods has followers. 

The Governor's proposal brings women back to the back alleys what Roe v. Wade was supposed to eliminate.

In the 40 years since abortion became the law of the land, science has shown that a baby is fully formed by three months gestation, we know this life is a child not a non-descript clump of cells. We know unborn children feel pain and we have learned of doctors who have performed surgery intrauterine to save the life of the unborn. Medical science has provided wonderful insight into the development of an unborn child at every stage and as science has progressed the Courts have set sensible restrictions on abruptly ending the life of this precious child.

Governor Cuomo seeks to turn back the clock in the name of progress. Do not let him. This bill does not seek to codify abortion law to federal standards; it seeks to allow abortion at any time during the 40 weeks of pregnancy and could never pass on its own which is precisely why it is incorporated within legislation that can stand on its own.

We urge the Members of the Legislature to reject the Women's Equality Act based on the codifying charade.

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