Conservatives Call On Cuomo To Curb State Spending

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Brooklyn, NY –  State Conservative Party Chairman, Michael R. Long, is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to curb New York State’s spending habits immediately.  For far too long, New York has depended on federal dollars (including New York’s residents being able to write-off high state and local taxes) and bonding to help balance its budget.

The federal government has made it clear it is not going to subsidize the high taxes certain states have imposed on their residents, nor should they.
According to State Comptroller Thomas P DiNapoli, New York’s bonding debt is three times greater than the national median.  We acknowledge that New York is in dire need of fixing its public transportation system, as well as its bridges and tunnels, and will be responsible for building new prisons to replace decaying buildings and new prison facilities to hold juveniles as required by new laws.  We also know that New York’s debt load cannot sustain any more indebtedness.
Governor Cuomo has grandiose ideas he plans on submitting tomorrow in his State of the State and the budget, but, if enacted, New York’s population will flee, as it has for the last two decades, when faced with the costs of his progressive plans.
New York must curb spending and lower its tax burden in order to provide an atmosphere that promotes good opportunities to create jobs and give her citizens the opportunity to stay in New York.
The problem is not the federal government’s tax reform – which is applied to each of the 50 states equally – the problem is New York State spends too much; cuts must be made to provide incentives for businesses to remain in the Empire State in the same manner the federal government is lowering the business taxes to bring corporations home to the United States.
Where is the Andrew Cuomo, who in 2010 frequently said, “New York has no future as the tax capital of the nation?”  Has he become so beholden to the progressive movement that he has abandoned all pretenses of being a man who understands how difficult it is for the hard-working men and women forced to pay the bills created by his desire to buy the votes he thinks will propel him to the White House?
Remember your own words, Governor: “New York has no future as the tax capital of the nation;” you control the tax burden.
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