Conservatives Continue to Call for Term Limits

Conservative Party State Chairman, Michael R. Long is following up on the Party's July 16 launch of the grassroots effort to demand term limits for elected officials with a letter to each member of the legislature calling for the introduction and passage of term limits.

"It is time for the honorable members of the legislature to stand up for New Yorkers who want real reform in Albany and the 82% of New Yorkers who support term limits," said Long.  Long asked that legislation is introduced and passed early in the legislative session to help reaffirm to voters that the Members are committed to the citizens by supporting real reform.

The text of the letter follows:

For as long as I can remember one of the battle cries of candidates and entrenched legislators has been along the lines of "Albany needs real reform" and yet that "reform" has been elusive.

The Conservative Party believes that government has grown too big and spends far too much money and as a result, some politicians in Albany have lost sight of why they wanted to be involved in public service.

Instead of helping New Yorkers reach their full potential through the free enterprise system, some politicians have helped themselves to public dollars earmarked to assist their constituents.   This must end and since none of the previous "reforms" have worked, we are calling on you to enact term limits in the upcoming legislative session.

Currently, an elected official in Albany hardly ever loses a re-election bid.   The power of incumbency creates an almost insurmountable obstacle to those candidates who have witnessed the level of corruption in Albany that snared 32 state level officials in the last 7 years.   On the other hand, Albany has many good legislators who should embrace the idea of term limits. Americans have not been harmed by having our president limited to two terms and quite honestly, I believe New Yorkers will benefit with term limits for members of the executive and legislative branches of government.

Term limits is supported by 82% of New Yorkers. As you may have read in the press,   we are circulating a citizens' petition for term limits and will present them to the Legislative Leaders before the new Session begins.

Speaking on behalf of the members of the Conservative Party, I urge you to introduce and pass legislation early in the legislative session to reassure the citizens' of New York that you truly want to end corruption in Albany with real reform.

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