Conservatives Opposed to Mandatory Insurance for Gun Owners

The Conservative Party of New York State rejects a proposal, A3908 (Ortiz) / S3858 (Parker), that mandates firearm owners carry $1 million of liability insurance.  


This bill requires owners of firearms to carry a minimum of $1 million dollars of liability insurance (ostensibly to compensate innocent victims injured or killed by a gun owner’s firearm).

Party Position:

Forcing an owner to purchase insurance will do nothing to deter crime, but will add an extra financial burden to the cost of gun ownership. The sponsors of this bill want to compensate victims, but conventional liability insurance commonly excludes intentional acts (thereby requiring the firearm owner to purchase insurance that will not cover the stated purpose of the bill).

Second, liability for accidents is already covered by homeowner's insurance.

Third, the Conservative Party believes this bill would not stand up to a constitutional challenge since the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Law-abiding citizens are guaranteed the right to bear arms. This bill is an clear infringement on the right to bear arms.

By requiring firearm owners to carry liability insurance, the proponents of this bill seek to make it more expensive for responsible people to own guns and do nothing to end the violence by people who have no regard for the laws that already exist.

Members of the Legislature took an oath to uphold the Constitution. We hope they will do so by voting against this measure.

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