Conservatives Renew Call For Real Reform; Encourage Legislators To Pass Term Limits

New York State Conservative Party Chairman Michael R. Long is urging the Members of the New York State Legislature to pass legislation that enacts real reform in Albany. Citizens of New York have been told time and time again that the various solutions enacted will end the culture of corruption, yet we are still plagued with subpoenas being issued at dizzying rates. Enough is enough. It is time to enact term limits, said Chairman Michael R. Long, in a letter sent to the members today. The letter follows:

Dear Legislator:

Everyday good government groups call for reforms to end the culture of corruption in Albany and elsewhere in New York. For as long as I can remember one of the battle cries of candidates and entrenched legislators has been along the lines of "Albany needs real reform" and yet all of the "reforms" have done little to end the payoffs, the quid pro quo mentality and various other ways far too many legislators have found to line their pockets.

Enough of the make-believe commissions, studies and suggestions by good government groups.

We urge you to take a bold stand and restore the faith of the citizens by enacting TERM LIMITS now. Give New York citizens a sound reason to vote for you; let them know you have heard their demands for real reform. As leaders, stand tall and let our fellow citizens know you agree that being an elected official is not a life-time of employment. Good government groups say raising the pay will end corruption; we believe the current level of pay is adequate for a part time position and when term limits are enacted the need to increase a part-time legislators pay would be negligible because of the limited time a legislator would serve. In the long run, taxpayers would save their hard earned money.

The Conservative Party believes that government has grown too big and spends far too much money and as a result, some politicians in Albany have lost sight of why they wanted to be involved in public service.

Instead of helping New Yorkers reach their full potential through the free enterprise system, some politicians continue to help themselves to public dollars earmarked to assist their constituents, or believe that extending a helping hand should be rewarded with extra perks, instead of acknowledging that helping constituents is precisely how an elected official serves his constituents. 

The power of incumbency creates an almost insurmountable obstacle to challengers who have witnessed a level of corruption that has seen the arrest of 44 members since 2003. Albany has many good legislators who should embrace the idea of term limits. Americans have not been harmed by having our president limited to two terms and quite honestly, I believe New Yorkers will benefit with term limits for members of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

Term limits is supported by 82% of New Yorkers and we aim to have them sign our Citizens' Petition for Term Limits to demand the enactment of term limits in New York State. Since it requires a Constitutional Amendment, the sooner the legislation is passed, the sooner it will be placed on the ballot for citizens to vote for approval or possibly vote down.

Speaking on behalf of the members of the Conservative Party, I urge you to pass legislation (The Griffo/Kearns Bill - S.4470/A.7775 is a good start), before the legislative session ends to reassure the citizens' of New York that you have a good plan to end corruption in Albany.


Michael R. Long

State Chairman

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