Conservatives Renew Call for Term Limits

Brooklyn, NY - "The New York State Conservative Party  calls for legislative term limits in its platform and firmly believes that it is one of many solutions to stem the current corruption running rampant in Albany ," said State Chairman Michael Long .

"Corruption consists of dishonest practices and/or the lack of integrity and for far too long New York's residents have been subjected to both by too many elected officials. From putting in bogus time sheets to harassing employees, the abuse of power must end," Long continued.  "New York's citizens deserve honesty and integrity and while term limits will not guarantee either, at the very least, citizens will know that a corrupt individual's term will be constrained by term limits."

The superficial proposals currently being considered are nothing more than plugging a hole in a dam to have the dam rupture in another area. Two years ago, the Legislature passed and the Governor signed legislation instituting the NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE), a paper tiger unable to change the atmosphere in Albany as evidenced by its report issued on the sexual harassment charges against Assemblyman Vito Lopez. 

"It is our firm belief that instituting term limits and adopting a constitutional amendment that strips an elected official of their pension when convicted of a felony associated with their official duties will serve the citizens of New York better than any of the proposals currently on the table," Long stated. 

"The Members of the Legislature should pass term limits and the constitutional amendment in the current session to help restore the public's trust," Long concluded.

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