Conservatives Say September Primary in Sheriff’s Race

Livingston County, NY – Last evening, the Livingston County Conservative Party County Committee interviewed candidates seeking the party’s line in the race for Livingston County Sheriff. After a lengthy meeting, the committee voted to authorize a primary in this year’s sheriff’s race.

Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, made the following comments:

“Our committee recognizes the vital role that it has in vetting candidates for public office. Following a three-hour interview process, our committee unanimously agreed that both Mr. Dougherty and Mr. Szczesniak would represent our party’s values well. We determined that so long as both candidates would carry our banner proudly, that Livingston County voters deserve a continued debate surrounding the still-evolving policy differences between the two candidates.”

Chairman McGuire indicated that he encouraged members of his committee not to involve themselves in gathering petitions or openly supporting either candidate until after the September 10th Primary Election. McGuire said, “No doubt members of the county committee will engage candidates through various social media platforms or attendance at certain events, but this should not be construed as support for a particular candidate. It is a continual screening of the respective candidates as we move toward September.”

“Livingston County is fortunate to have two very strong candidates for County Sheriff. Once Conservative Party voters have chimed in this September, county committee members should be fully prepared to fight tooth and nail for whichever candidate emerges victorious in our party’s primary race. We will lend our full support to the candidate that best respects our party’s values and earns our party’s support,” McGuire concluded.

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