Conservatives Settle on Szczesniak for County Sheriff

"Undersheriff Is Now the Underdog," says County Chairman

Livingston County, NY (09/19/2013) – On the heels of another tumultuous primary season, it fell upon the Livingston County Conservative Party Executive Committee to determine which candidate will carry the party’s line in the November race for Livingston County Sheriff. After weighing how best to protect the integrity of the party’s primary process, the fairest way forward for the candidates involved and the added expense of a second primary for county taxpayers, Conservatives have settled upon Jim Szczesniak for county sheriff.

McGuire_Szczesniak_092013.JPGJason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, made the following comments:

“Choosing Mr. Szczesniak was the easy part. The members of our committee certainly shifted toward Jim since our earlier vetting process. In fact, last night’s Executive Committee vote was unanimous. The hard part was determining how best to correct a botched primary election. None of the choices we were confronted with were ideal. We ultimately decided that if we were to seek another primary that it would cost the taxpayers – that are already overtaxed in this state – far too much, and the end result of that race may have been no different than this one.”

“We opted to look at the two problem districts in Caledonia and Geneseo. There was no way of determining how many of those ballots were cast by Republicans, rather than rightful Conservatives. While State Election Law maintains that all of those ballots must be counted, our committee has the authority to take the significant irregularities into consideration. If those two districts are removed from the vote tally, it is not a primary tie – but a Szczesniak win.”

“We further concluded that if we sought a second primary we would be putting Mr. Szczesniak at a distinct disadvantage in asking him to run in a Conservative Primary while his opponent would have been free to pivot toward the General Election. This was an advantage not afforded to Mr. Szczesniak’s opponent in the September 10 Conservative Primary. Should Mr. Szczesniak have clearly won a second primary; we would have seriously handicapped our General Election candidate.”

Chairman McGuire indicated that he and members of his committee kept their word not to involve themselves in openly supporting either candidate until after the September 10 Primary Election, but that now they would be fully engaged in supporting Livingston County’s next sheriff, Jim Szczesniak.

“This will not be an easy race. It looks like the Undersheriff is now the underdog, but we’re confident that come November he’ll emerge as the top dog,” McGuire concluded.

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