Conservatives Urge No Vote on Proposed Abortion Expansion

Majority of People Reject Late-Term Abortions

The Conservative Party of New York State is urging the Members of the State Legislature to reject the expansion of the already extremely liberal state abortion law that seeks to make it a "fundamental right" to have an abortion. The legislative memo in opposition to S.438 (Stewart-Cousins) is as follows:


An Act to amend the public health law, in relation to enacting the "Reproductive Health Act" and revising existing provisions regarding abortions.

Party Position:

This proposal seeks to expand the already extreme New York State statute that permits abortions up to and including 24 weeks of pregnancy –  a full six months (and even later in order to save the life of the mother) by inserting a "health" exception which is so broad an abortion would be legal beyond the current six months. In the forty-one years since abortion has been legal, major advances in the understanding of the development of the unborn child have educated people to the point that the majority of people do not want abortions when they know the unborn child is viable.

Abortion is readily available in New York State. In fact, New York City has the dubious distinction of leading the nation in abortions and still this bill seeks to expand abortion "rights." Current law states that only a duly licensed physician can perform an abortion. If this proposal were to become law, any "licensed health care practitioner" could perform the procedure prior to viability.

As noted, the more educated people have become on the development of the unborn child, the more they want restrictions, not expansion of who and at how many weeks an unborn child may be aborted.

The proposed bill does not adequately define a "licensed health care practitioner", nor does it make clear if that same "licensed health care practitioner" can perform the procedure after the current 24 weeks of pregnancy defined in current law.

If this proposed bill were to become law, it would provide that "every female has the fundamental terminate a pregnancy" and that "right" would be available at any point prior to birth.

The proposed bill also changes where abortions can be performed. Current law requires any abortion performed after the 12th week must be performed in hospitals on an in-patient basis. However, if this proposal is adopted, late term abortions would not require hospital settings and could be done on an outpatient basis and in a public health clinic.

Additionally, By creating a fundamental "right" to abortion, the current conscience protections for religious organizations is potentially in jeopardy.

The Conservative Party strongly believes that expansion of the current abortion law is blatantly contrary to what the people of New York State want. New Yorkers understand that the advances in medical science have made it possible for an unborn child to survive at 24 weeks of pregnancy and late-term abortions are what should be terminated.

The Conservative Party urges a NO vote on this proposed bill.

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