Conservatives Urge State Legislature to Reject Expansion of Hate-Crime Legislation

The New York State Conservative Party urges the Members of the State Legislature to end the continuing effort to expand the current definition of hate-crimes by enforcing laws that protect all citizens from violent physical attacks or verbal threats to do bodily harm.

The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), otherwise known as the "Bathroom Bill", would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or expression, and includes offenses regarding gender identity or expression under the hate crimes statute.

GENDA is yet another expansion of hate-crime legislation that seeks to "protect" transgendered persons from violence when, in fact, all necessary laws are already in place protecting everyone from violent physical attacks or verbal threats to do bodily harm.

If this bill is added to the definition already included in "hate-crime" legislation it sanctions the state to equate a person who expresses opposition to transgenderism as the moral equivalent of racist and misogynists, no matter how the opposition is stated.

This bill is an Orwellian thought-crimes bill and assumes that if you disapprove of cross-dressing or transgender behavior you are morally repugnant and should be ostracized in the same manner as members of the KKK or Nazi groups.


It is unfortunate that this bill, while proposing to protect a specific class of people from being victims of crime - albeit they are already protected - in its zeal to protect actually promotes hate - hatred toward those opposed to transgendered behavior.


A crime is a crime and all the laws on the books cannot stop some deranged individuals from harming innocent people. Society does all that it can to protect people - every person - from being harmed, hurt or discriminated against. But this bill that reaches into our need to protect society does just the opposite.


Support for this bill does not mean that you oppose hateful, violent acts against persons who self-identify as transgendered (everyone is opposed to hateful, violent acts) - rather it means that you support stigmatizing and penalizing people who may express their own beliefs.


Think about it: one is justified as a "hate-crime" and the other isn't. All forms of discrimination harm society and must not be tolerated; we therefore ask that it ends now by rejecting this proposed bill.


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