County Conservative Chair Supporting Borrello In Senate Run

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Livingston County, NY – Jason J. McGuire, the Conservative Party’s Mid-Western Regional Vice Chair, member of the State Executive Committee and Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, has announced which candidate he will be supporting in the race for the State Senate’s 57th District seat recently vacated by Senator Catharine Young (R-C, Olean). McGuire is throwing his support behind George Borrello, the Chautauqua County Executive. McGuire said:

“I had the opportunity to speak with a few candidates who were dipping their toe in a possible run for State Senate. Some were more serious than others. In those conversations, it became clear that George Borrello provided the Party’s best opportunity for a conservative-minded individual to retain this Senate seat.”

“At a time when the Democratic Party has gone full-tilt left, George brings common-sense conservatism back to the forefront. Borrello will bring business sense, a pro-life perspective and a strong respect for the Second Amendment to his Senate tenure. I believe he’ll do the people of the 57th Senate District proud.”

Anna Wilcox, the Chautauqua County Conservative Party Chair and member of the State Conservative Executive Committee, recently announced that the Chautauqua County Conservative Party will also be supporting County Executive Borrello in his Senate run. Wilcox said:

“While some people may be apprehensive about losing a promising young County Executive, it is imperative that the strongest and best qualified candidate run for this Senate seat. We need someone who will stand up and fight for the interests and beliefs of the people of the 57th district. That candidate is George Borrello.”

State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar is also weighing in. Kassar confirmed the sentiments expressed by McGuire and Wilcox. In a statement, Kassar said:

“I believe the local leadership has chosen wisely in George Borrello. I’m pleased to see local Conservatives engaging so strongly in this fast-developing process.”

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