County Conservatives Weigh In Regarding State Legislative Races

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Livingston County, NY – On May 24, 2018, members of the Livingston County Conservative Party met to consider endorsements for this year’s election. Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, issued the following remarks regarding the party’s designations for state legislative seats:

“The State Senate has become the Conservative’s last stand in New York. The party that emerges victorious this November will help set the agenda next January. Understanding this reality, the Conservative Party is pleased to throw its support behind Senators Pat Gallivan (R-Elma), serving the 59th Senate District, and Catharine Young (R-Jamestown), serving the 57th Senate District. Both senators understand the needs of Upstate New York and will serve as a Republican-Conservative firewall against downstate liberal interests. Our senators won’t forget tax-paying families that desperately need representation in a state dominated by a Democratic tax-and-spend agenda. Additionally, Senators Gallivan and Young will help stymie efforts to undermine social values dear to the people of their districts.”

“In the 133rd Assembly seat, the party has decided to back Marjorie L. Byrnes (R-Caledonia) over the incumbent Assemblyman Joe Errigo (R-Conesus). Two years ago, Mr. Errigo stepped back into the fray after retiring as a state legislator and agreed to serve at what was a tumultuous time for this community. The understanding was that Mr. Errigo’s service would allow the people of the various counties that comprise the 133rd to identify a candidate through the normal process, rather than hand the power of incumbency to someone picked by the party chairs. Now, both the county’s Republican and Conservative Parties have identified Ms. Byrnes as the candidate to best serve the 133rd Assembly District going forward. We remain hopeful that Monroe and Steuben Counties will see that Livingston County is united in its support of a well-qualified, proven vote-getting, Second Amendment supporter and throw their support behind Marjorie Byrnes for State Assembly.”


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