Gallivan Comes Out Against Granting State Citizenship to Illegal Immigrants

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) recently announced his oppostion to S.7879-Rivera/A.10129-Camara. The bill would grant New York State citizenship to immigrants living in the state, regardless of federal immigration status.  The legislation known as the “New York is Home Act” would extend certain rights and benefits to any person that has lived in the state for three years, has paid taxes for at least three years and can present proof of identity.

Gallivan.JPG"This proposed legislation simply goes too far.  Granting New York State citizenship and the rights and privileges that come with it to people who may be in this country illegally makes no sense and is an affront to law abiding citizens,” Gallivan said.

Under the proposed legislation citizens would be issued an identification card and number and would be allowed to vote in all state and local elections.  The bill would also extend the right to hold certain public offices.

The bill would amend existing state laws to also allow immigrants to obtain a New York State drivers license, to quality for State Medicaid coverage and be eligible for in-state tuition, financial aid and tuition assistance.  The legislation would also establish the DREAM Fund to provide scholarships to students.

Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, responded saying: "We applaud Senator Gallivan for his commonsense stance on this issue. The Empire State has historically led the way on immigration and should continue to do so, but let it be legal immigration that encourages assimilation into the shared values of our American heritage."

"New York's immigration policy should not serve as an end run around federal policies establishing legal entry. Besides being constitutionally suspect, extending state citizenship to illegal immigrants cheapens the value of citizenship for those who have worked so hard to earn it lawfully," McGuire concluded.

“New York is already home to many hard working citizens who were born in this country or who came here legally.  We need to do all we can to protect their rights and privileges,” Gallivan said.  

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