George Borrello Is The Clear Choice For State Senate

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When Senator Cathy Young resigned her seat earlier this year, it left a vacancy in the 57th Senate District. This void has left the people of the 57th without representation in Albany. Thankfully, that lack of representation is coming to a close.

There are two candidates seeking to fill the Senator’s shoes. The Conservative Party believes the clear choice to be our next State Senator is George Borrello.

Livingston County Conservative Party Chairman Jason J. McGuire said:

“Governor Andrew Cuomo and his leftist allies are advancing a downstate-driven agenda. We need to elect someone that will remember the people of our rural communities. That person is George Borrello.”

“The 57th is a large district, but George is committed to traversing the territory. I’ve seen him all over the Livingston County towns that comprise this portion of the district. Whether it’s breaking bread at the Ember Wood Fire Grill in Livonia or attending a Whitetails Unlimited event in Dansville—Borrello has been there.”

“Borrello currently serves as the Chautauqua County Executive. In this role, he has set goals and achieved them. Upon election, he made a commitment to visit 100 businesses in his first 100 days of office. George exceeded that goal and met with 107 businesses. He listened and learned what was critical to their success and transformed Chautauqua County’s economic development strategy to one that better supports existing local employers. We need a results-driven individual—and we’ll have that in George Borrello.”

“At a time when the Democratic Party has gone full-tilt left, George brings common-sense conservatism back to the forefront. Borrello will bring business sense, a pro-life perspective and a strong respect for the Second Amendment to his Senate tenure. I believe he’ll do the people of the 57th Senate District proud.”

The Conservative Party encourages our friends in the Republican Party to vote George Borrello for State Senate in the Tuesday, June 25, Republican Primary.

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