Gerard Kassar Succeeds Michael R. Long As State Conservative Chair

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Brooklyn, NY—It was just shy of one month ago when Chairman Michael R. Long stunned New York’s political world with these words, “While I write this note with a heavy heart, I do so with a clear mind and believe the time has come for me to step away as Chairman…I feel the time for new leadership is upon us.”

On February 23, 2019, the State Executive Committee met at the Knights of Columbus in Brooklyn, NY and placed their faith and trust in Gerard Kassar when they elected him to be the 5th State Chairman in the Party’s history.  

Chairman Long congratulated both Ralph Lorigo and Gerard Kassar for being the gentlemen we all know them to be, and for upholding the values and ideals of the party as they both campaigned to replace him. 

Chairman Kassar’s first order of business as Chairman was to nominate Michael R. Long as Chairman Emeritus, which the members of the State Executive Committee passed unanimously.

In his acceptance remarks Chairman Kassar said “It is a great honor for me to stand here before you as the State Chairman. I sincerely do not believe this moment would have been possible if not for the many years of mentoring that Mike Long provided me and for his friendship. His legacy as Chairman is broad and deep. I intend to protect it and expand upon it as we move forward as a Party.

To our Erie County Chairman Ralph Lorigo, thank you for a good race in which we engaged Party leaders in discussions concerning the future of the party. These conversations and written exchanges will act as the foundation of my efforts.

And to our Executive Committee I appreciate the faith you have placed in me. I hope to make you proud. The next two years will write the future of our state and nation for decades to come. The election and re-election of conservative minded individuals to public office will be my focus.”

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