Governor Cuomo’s Desperate Ploy for Votes Defies the Law and Endangers Voters

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Conservative Party State Chairman Michael R. Long is calling on all New Yorkers to tell Governor Andrew Cuomo that his latest desperate ploy for votes defies current law that states quite clearly that a convicted Level 3 sexual predator is banned from stepping within 1,000 feet of schools.

Last May, Governor Cuomo unilaterally issued a blanket pardon giving parolees the right to vote. Now, this same desperate Governor, had the state Department of Correctional Service create a “special condition” that would allow a paroled sexual predator to vote at a polling place in a particular school…after getting special permission from his parole officer and a school administrator. 

This is blatantly defying the law. Governor Cuomo’s “special condition” would allow the paroled sexual predator to enter a school after 7:00 PM; despite the fact that many schools have evening activities. Will the predator be supervised when voting? Will the sexual predator be able to use a unisex bathroom once they have voted? How will their parole officer know they left the school once they cast their ballot?

Governor Cuomo’s desperate attempt for votes is encouraging a convicted sexual predator to break the law and ultimately violate their parole agreements. Andrew Cuomo is so determined to win his primary that he has lost all sense of responsibility for the safety of New York’s citizens while he ignores the quagmire he has created for the convicted level 3 sexual predator. 

Chairman Long urges Governor Cuomo to abandon his desperate ploy for votes; rescind the “special condition” that allows specific parolees to break the current established law and keep sexual predators the required 1,000 feet from schools where citizens will be voting.

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