Governor's Proposal to Prevent Public Corruption Ignores Real Cause

Conservative Party State Chairman, Michael R. Long stated that the series of proposals Governor Andrew Cuomo recently presented to the public would do little to prevent the corruption we are seeing in some of our elected officials.  In fact, it is a perverted use of his bully pulpit.

If the Governor sincerely believes that the "ineffective structure" of the State Board of Elections is part of the problem, change the structure instead of creating an independent enforcement unit that will cost taxpayers untold thousands of dollars.

The Wilson-Pakula requirement, signed into law in 1947, was designed to protect the integrity of political parties and to prevent the invasion into or the capture of control of political parties by people not in sympathy with the principles of such political parties.  It has been upheld in numerous court challenges throughout the years.  It is evident that the lack of integrity is the core issue of corruption, certainly not the law designed to ensure the integrity of the political party.

The third proposal to allow candidates and voters to change party enrollment in a timely manner will only allow fraud and again will subvert the reason why it became law, to protect the integrity of the political party and prevent raiding by those who seek to control the party.

Every single voter in New York State can vote on any line he or she chooses in November's general election, party primaries determine who will be on the line in November and should not be open to anyone who is not a member of that party.  The Governor is mistaken if he believes that making these changes will prevent corruption. 

Corruption is gaming the system and these proposals game the system.  When real proposals are enacted public corruption will dramatically decline and real proposals must include term limits and increased penalties for those who game the system.

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