Jacobs Opposes Legislation Mandating Middle Schoolers Get STD Vaccine

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Congressional Candidate (NY-27) and sitting State Senator Chris Jacobs declares strong opposition to state legislation mandating all seventh graders throughout New York State be administered the Human Papillomavirus Virus (HPV) vaccine.

“The decision to vaccinate your child against an STD should be made by the parents and the child’s medical doctor; the government does not have a place in making this very personal and private decision,” said Jacobs. He continued, “In my opinion this alarming legislation is extremely far reaching and sets the stage for further government intrusion into private familial matters.”

Local school superintendents have come out against this effort to mandate the HPV vaccine.  This morning [December 23, 2019] in the Buffalo News, the School Superintendent of the Clarence Public School System, Geoffrey M. Hicks, was quoted voicing his opposition. He stated he believes the HPV vaccine doesn’t meet the threshold for a mandated vaccine because the virus isn’t an “epidemic infectious disease among school-aged children” and isn’t easily communicated from subject to subject in a school setting.

Jacobs believes it is the role of the government and health professionals to educate and inform parents, but the ultimate decision must rest with families to make these decisions. Public health is of utmost concern, but an issue like this which does not present an immediate threat erodes away the fundamental right of a parent to make medical decisions for their child.

“I have a young daughter, her health decisions will be the decision of my wife and me in consultation with our doctor – not by an Albany bureaucrat,” said Jacobs.

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