Livingston Conservatives Speak Out On NY-27 Special Election

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Livingston County, NY – Last week, members of the Livingston County Conservative Party interviewed four candidates seeking the party’s support in an anticipated April 28, 2020 special election to fill the vacant seat in the 27th Congressional District. Chairman Jason J. McGuire offered this insight into the party’s deliberations:

“While we will be encouraging Conservative voters to participate in the Special Election, we are not committing to a particular candidate in this race. Monday, I carried a message to Conservative Party State Chairman Gerard Kassar that our county committee is recommending to the State Executive Committee that our party not endorse a candidate in the upcoming Special Election.”

“If the Conservative Party does not nominate a candidate for the April election, it allows the process to move forward in a way that grants each of the candidates equal footing to make their case directly to the voters of the 27th Congressional District, while not unnecessarily splitting the conservative vote and handing this seat to a far-left progressive politician.”

“Reportedly, multiple candidates will be participating in the June 23, 2020 Primary Election. There, the voters of the district will have the opportunity to weigh in regarding which candidate will represent them in Congress. We believe this recommendation best serves our district and restores the voters’ rightful role in choosing which candidate will serve in this seat.”

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