Livingston County Conservatives List Endorsed Candidates

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The Conservative Party is encouraging a vote for:

• Lee Zeldin for governor of New York and Allison Esposito for Lieutenant Governor
• Paul Rodriguez for State Comptroller
• Michael Henry for State Attorney General
• Joe Pinion for U.S. Senate
• James Vazzana for State Supreme Court Justice, 7th Judicial District
• Jason Cook for State Supreme Court Justice, 7th Judicial District
• Claudia Tenney for Congress, NY-24
• Pamela Helming for State Senate, SD-54
• Marjorie Byrnes for State Assembly, AD-133

You do not have to be a registered member of the Conservative Party to vote on the Conservative Party line (that’s row C on your ballot), but when you vote on row C you send a message. You let Albany, NY and Washington, DC know that you want conservative principles. Please remind them that principles matter. Vote on the Conservative Party’s Row C.

Go vote on Tuesday, November 8. It’s time to save our state and the nation.

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