Livingston County Conservatives Offer 2024 Endorsements

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Livingston County, NY – On February 22, 2024, the Livingston County Conservative Party interviewed candidates seeking the Party’s endorsement in this year’s General Election. The meeting was held at Milk & Honey Café in Lima.

The committee considered candidates for one of New York’s U.S. Senate seats, the 24th Congressional District, the 54th State Senate District, the 133rd Assembly District and County District Attorney. In most races only one candidate was seeking party support, but the races for U.S. Senate and District Attorney were contested.

U.S. Senator from New York

The party’s endorsement meeting conflicted with the Republican State Convention, which is simultaneously occurring in Binghamton. This prevented U.S. Senate candidates from interviewing at this time. Committee members opted to offer a later endorsement when candidates seeking party support can visit Livingston County and sit for an interview with committee members.

New York’s 24th Congressional District

In the race for New York’s 24th Congressional District, only one candidate sought local conservative support. That candidate is Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. Following the meeting, Livingston County Conservative Party Chairman Jason J. McGuire said:

“Rep. Tenney is a known and trusted commodity for Livingston County Conservatives. Her record on conservative issues is rock solid. Additionally, she has been highly communicative with me, particularly during the period when the Congressional Majority was navigating a leadership change following Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s departure. Rep. Tenney was an influential voice in helping elect Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), the most conservative Speaker the U.S House of Representatives has seen in generations. When the party also considered Ms. Tenney’s strong support for border control, election integrity and commitment to life, the choice was easy—Claudia Tenney for Congress.”

The 54th State Senate District

Senator Pamela Helming joined the meeting via video conference. Sen. Helming offered comments on the issues she sees as most problematic for the growth of New York. She discussed the high cost of living, including housing affordability and groceries, as stifling for many families, but the Senator believes that over-taxation and over-regulation by the Democratic Supermajorities in Albany are the chief culprit placing a stranglehold on our state. Ms. Helming also highlighted the plight we are facing with the influx of illegal immigration. During the Q&A portion of the Senator’s interview, local Conservatives raised multiple issues including support for a tax deduction to aid children in foster care find their forever families and getting a handle on the ever-increasing training requirements being placed on our all-volunteer fire and ambulance departments. Party members also inquired about additional state funding to help our local first responders with new and much-needed equipment.

“The party has been pleased with Senator Pam Helming’s representation. She gets it. She is one of us, a mom and a grandmother who has seen her children leave the state,” McGuire indicated. “When the Senator wants to see her grandkids, she needs to go somewhere other than New York. It ought not be this way. The Empire State should be a place where people want to raise their families, not a place they seek to flee. For these reasons, the Livingston County Conservative Party is supporting Senator Pam Helming for re-election to the State Senate,” McGuire said.

The 133rd Assembly District

Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes has chosen not to seek re-election this year, but as a matter of respect for her friends in the Conservative Party she came to the endorsement meeting to offer her gratitude for the party’s previous support. “There hasn’t been another like Assemblywoman Byrnes,” remarked Chairman McGuire. “There is just something different about her. She genuinely loves the job and the people of the 133rd. I cannot emphasize enough how much she will be missed,” he added.

Asm. Byrnes noted that while it was difficult and somewhat emotional to leave her role, knowing that Andrea Bailey, the current County Clerk, would be seeking nomination for the 133rd Assembly seat, helped ease her decision. Ms. Byrnes offered enthusiastic support for Andrea Bailey for State Assembly.

“Andrea Bailey has helped bring private thinking to public service,” Chairman McGuire commented. “She has modernized and brought greater efficiency to the Clerk’s office, while helping Livingston County pistol permit holders navigate the headwinds out of Albany that challenge our Second Amendment Rights. Livingston County Conservatives are pleased to send someone who understands the challenges facing family farms and other businesses to the statehouse. Andrea Bailey will continue to provide this district with a voice in Albany and a check on Albany’s far-left agenda. We’re pleased to extend to her our committee’s endorsement,” McGuire concluded.

Livingston County District Attorney

The race for County District Attorney will be closely watched and highly anticipated this election season. Both candidates seeking Conservative support live in Lima as does County Chairman Jason McGuire and many of the members of the County Committee. Lima has one of the highest concentrations of Conservatives in all of Livingston County. Additionally, the Conservative line will likely prove to be the key difference maker in this November’s General Election. Thus, the party knows that its endorsement will carry an inordinate influence this November and it feels an even greater obligation and responsibility to vet these local candidates well.

“After hearing and weighing the experience, priorities, strengths and weaknesses of each of the candidates, the party chose to endorse the county’s current district attorney, Mr. Greg McCaffrey, for re-election,” said Chairman McGuire. “Mr. McCaffrey is now one of the longest tenured district attorneys in the state. He has been an opponent of bail reform and other misguided criminal justice policies percolating out of Albany. Mr. McCaffrey offers great appreciation for and understanding of the right to bear arms, while judiciously using the discretion his office is afforded to criminally prosecute those who would do our county residents harm,” McGuire continued. “District Attorney Greg McCaffrey is a prosecutor’s prosecutor who has made certain that child rapists are brought to justice, and that victims’ rights are protected. He may well be the last conservative Democrat standing. As the son of a state trooper, he is no stranger to law enforcement, but offers an independent check and the accountability that Livingston County voters have chosen in multiple previous elections. Our party remains confident that they will do so again,” McGuire concluded.

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

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