Livingston Conservatives Oppose Alesi Appointment

Livingston County, NY – Senators should reject disgraced former state senator James Alesi's nomination as member of the Public Service Commission, a position for which he lacks both the character and the professional qualification, said Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, today.

Alesi-web.JPGAlesi, who represented parts of Monroe County, will soon be nominated to the New York State Public Service Commission by Governor Andrew Cuomo, according to Ken Lovett's column in today's New York Daily News.

The following comments can be attributed to Chairman McGuire:

"Alesi's political career ended unceremoniously shortly after he sued the owners of a home in which he was illegally trespassing. His lack of character was a major reason that Republicans and Conservatives did not support him for re-election the following year. The Daily News described Alesi as a 'hypocrite of the first degree.'"

"The Public Service Commission is an important body that has expansive powers over the state's electric, gas, cable and phone companies. Members must have the knowledge, the character and the independence to put the public interest first."

"Jim Alesi has none of those."

"Alesi does not have an education or professional background in any field at all related to what the PSC oversees. What he does have is the governor's most important qualification: loyalty to him. Since 2013, Alesi has been getting paid $90,800 a year for a part-time job he received from Governor Cuomo. He's also been double-dipping from his government pension at the same time, giving him a juicy six-figure public paycheck."

"There's only one reason for Governor Cuomo to put someone as unqualified and disgraced as Jim Alesi on the Public Service Commission, and that's control. Alesi is unable to find a better gig and the governor knows he can control him."

"Cuomo isn't doing Senate Republicans a favor by putting one of their own in a plum position. Alesi's decisions, after all, played a big part in costing the Republicans their majority in the 2012 elections. Cuomo is setting them up to prove that they'll put politics before the public interest. They should not take the bait."

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