Livingston County Conservative Party Endorses Rob Astorino

Livingston County, NY – The Livingston County Conservative Party County Committee met at Peppermint’s in Avon on March 15, 2014 for the purpose of considering its choice for governor. The committee unanimously voted to endorse Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s bid to serve as New York’s next governor.

astorino2.jpgJason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, made the following comments:

“With each passing year of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Administration, it’s become more and more clear that the status-Cuomo has to end. Smoke-and-mirror parlor tricks coming in the form of taxpayer-funded commercial advertising would have us to believe that New York has turned, but the facts portray a far different scenario. New York leads the nation in taxation and regulation, not in personal liberty or economic freedom.”

“Rob Astorino is asking a vital question that is resonating with Empire State residents, ‘Is New York winning or is New York losing?’ Right now we’re losing – losing jobs, employers and families that are fleeing the state. We’re losing our future as Governor Cuomo’s big government solutions cannot be sustained,” McGuire continued.

“Rob Astorino is the credible conservative candidate we have been looking for. He’s a proven vote-getter that can win and govern – without compromising his core values. Whether it’s his stance supporting a repeal of the so-called SAFE Act, his opposition to Cuomo’s Common Core, or his respect and recognition of every citizen’s religious freedom rights, Rob has been right on the issues.”

“Mr. Astorino’s not looking at one-shot solutions or special rights for certain out-of-state businesses at the expense of the ones already here. Rob is looking at economic answers that will foster a climate of job creation. Livingston County Conservatives are anxious to get to work for Rob Astorino so New York can get working again,” concluded McGuire.

If you’d like to help stop the status-Cuomo and advance Conservative principles, make a donation through the party’s website or by sending checks made payable to the “Livingston County Conservative Party” to: PO Box 213, Lima, NY 14485.

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