Livingston County Conservative Party Officially Organized

Lima, NY – The Conservative Party of New York State (CPNYS) has often been referred to as the nation’s most successful third party. This year New York’s largest minor party is enjoying its fiftieth year of existence. Now the CPNYS welcomes its newest organized county committee, the Livingston County Conservative Party (LCCP).

The LCCP County Committee met Monday evening, October 1, for the purpose of formally organizing its efforts. Gathering in a side room at the Countryside Diner in Avon, the LCCP voted to elect Jason J. McGuire as County Chairman. Previously McGuire had been serving as the Acting Chairman by a state appointment. McGuire is a resident of Lima.

The LCCP also elected Dennis Jasinski of Conesus as Vice-Chairman, John “Andy” Palmer of Lima as Secretary, Lorenne McGuire also of Lima as Treasurer, and Douglas Straight of Avon as Member-at-Large. These five members will serve as the LCCP’s Executive Committee.

Following the meeting, Chairman McGuire said, “It isn’t easy to hold conservative principles in the deep blue State of New York, but I’m hopeful that the Livingston County Conservative Party will find like-minded individuals who will help us advance a conservative fiscal and social agenda.”

“Throughout New York State the Republican and Conservative Parties enjoy a mutually-beneficial relationship. It is my hope that these two parties in Livingston County will be able to work well together for a very long time,” continued McGuire.

“Certainly the District Attorney's race is at the forefront of everyone's mind, but there are many county races coming down the pike. My door will always be open to rank-and file members or even other party chairs who want to discuss how a unified ticket can advance conservative principles in our county,” concluded McGuire.

For more information on the Livingston County Conservative Party, follow the party on Facebook and Twitter.

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