Marijuana is a Schedule I Drug; Not Medicine

The proponents of "medical" marihuana like to tell you that if New York allows "medical" marihuana it will be as safe as Colorado's "medical" marihuana methods of distribution.  Apparently, no one is reading the Colorado press and the reports of death after eating a pot cookie, or the two 10 year olds who brought "medical" marihuana to school.  Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) recently briefed administration officials at Camp David on troubling data from Colorado.

Here in New York we have an ever-increasing serious drug problem.  In fact, there have been numerous hearings held around the state by legislators recently focused on community-based solutions.  While the hearings focus on heroin and opioid abuse, the fact remains many who become drug dependent, begin with marihuana. 

Last year the State Legislature passed I-STOP trying to prevent rampant drug abuse of prescription drugs. Prescribers are required to consult the prescription-monitoring registry prior to prescribing or dispensing Schedule II, III or IV controlled substances.  Marihuana is a Schedule I drug – Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence.  The proposed "medical" marihuana bill (S4406A/A6357) does not require a doctor's prescription  ("medical" marihuana is only recommended by physicians, not prescribed) so a drug listed as a Schedule I drug would not even be subject to I-STOP that is committed to prevent drug abuse.  By March 27, 2015, I-STOP even requires all prescriptions to be electronically transmitted to help end abuse due to stolen prescription pads.  Prescription drug abuse of legitimate medicine is prevalent on our streets and in our homes. 

According to a white paper issued by the NYS Senate Health Committee in 2012, The Prescription Drug Crisis in New York State, the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released data showing only marijuana is abused with more frequency than prescription narcotics and more Americans die of prescription drug overdoses than heroin and cocaine combined.

America and New York have a drug problem, be it by prescription or street drugs.  Why would anyone want to elevate the most abused drug, marijuana – the drug that most addicts say was their first drug – to the level of medicine when medicine is also a source of addiction?  Why would anyone want to make it easier for people to become addicted to any drug?

The latest study, while admittedly small, indicates even casual users of marijuana who begin at a young age alter the decision-making area of their brain.  France just released their government-mandated study that indicate marihuana is linked to heart disease and strokes. Emergency rooms in the United States have found similar indications.

Marijuana is not safe and it certainly is not medicine.  Those trying to make you believe it is are nothing more than the old carnival snake-oil-salesman looking to get rich from the gullible believer that it is safe.

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