Medical Marijuana is Wrong Priority for Citizens of New York State

Conservative Party State Chairman, Michael R. Long (pictured),  responded to today's (1/4/2014) announcement that Governor Andrew Cuomo will "loosen marijuana laws" as reported in the New York Times, that the Governor's position is the wrong priority for New York's citizens.

Mike_Long_Profile_Pic.jpgAt a time when New York is hemorrhaging jobs and people, the Governor should be focusing on loosening the restrictions that stifle job creation, loosening the taxes on real property and loosening the mandates on counties instead of loosening the restrictions on a substance that has no proven medical benefits. A major study, "Early Findings in Controlled Studies of Herbal Cannabis: A Review," concluded that despite the widespread public interest in the therapeutic potential of herbal cannabis…"the data alone fails to make the case that crude, smoked cannabis should be made available to patients." Numerous other studies have replicated those findings.

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