Military Action in Syria Not In Our National Interest

Earlier today, at a meeting of the State Executive Committee of the New York State Conservative Party, the following statement was unanimously passed:

Last week, instead of setting policy on Syria, President Obama asked Congress to endorse (some undefined) United States military action in Syria. Several Democrat and Republican leaders announced support for President Obama's military intervention into a civil war that has been raging for two years.

This rush to war is thankfully not supported by the American people. Polls show around 80% of the American people in opposition to getting involved in Syria. The New York State Conservative Party adds its voice to those opposing a misguided interjection of the United States into a conflict that does not affect our national security. We urge members of Congress to reject a resolution of war.

While the Obama Administration leaves the impression that it just wants to send a message to Assad for using chemical weapons (there are many who are not convinced that Assad used these weapons), we know that once America engages in military action it is likely to lead to much deeper involvement. 

We find ourselves on the side of the British Parliament and most of the world that opposes escalating the conflict in Syria. We urge members of Congress to vote no on authorizing President Obama to push America into this conflict. 

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