Term Limits

We support term limits for the Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General, and Members of the Senate and Assembly.

We also support first passage of a Constitutional Amendment establishing Initiative, Referendum and Recall.

Law Enforcement

We support law enforcement agencies efforts utilizing all effective law enforcement techniques, such as profiling, surveillance and stop, question and frisk that keeps citizens safe.

New York State government should require all law enforcement agencies to hold for federal law enforcement officials any person in our state illegally and prohibit any state or municipality from becoming a sanctuary government.

The Flat Tax

We support a "flat tax" where every household in New York State pays the same percentage of their income thereby making it possible to eliminate nuisance taxes and the further reduction in corporate and personal income taxes to stimulate economic growth.

Educational Choice

We support the encouragement of educational choice programs through the establishment of a system of educational tax credits or deductions and/or vouchers in payment to parents or school districts for expenses incurred in elementary or secondary education.

We also support expanding the number of Charter Schools in New York State.


Physician Assisted Suicide And Abortion Expansion

We reject all efforts to encourage physician assisted suicide, also known as "death with dignity" and we also reject efforts to further expand abortion and the use of taxpayer money to pay for abortions.

Amending The Human Rights Law

We believe that any attempt to amend the Human Rights Law to include "transgender" language as a special class of citizens should be rejected.

Favoring Certain Economic Entities

The Executive Branch must end the practice of disbursing economic development council grants and tax credits that are used to benefit favored entities. It creates unjust favoritism with taxpayer funds and prevents fair competition on a level playing field.

Early Voting And Instant Registration

Any attempt to establish "early voting" or instant voter registration in New York State must be rejected.

Gov. Cuomo’s Free College Education

The Conservative Party continues to oppose Governor Cuomo's "free" college education, while acknowledging that the cost of higher education is far too expensive. "Free" community college or universities are even more costly to taxpayers. Therefore, all levels of higher education should be made available online to lower the cost.

Gov. Cuomo's proposal to require food pantries at all SUNY and CUNY campuses should be rejected.

We reject efforts to establish a "Dream Act" that rewards illegal immigrants with a college education at the expense of our citizens.

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