Sheriff Candidate Responds to Acts of Vandalism

Today the Genesee Sun is reporting that a Dougherty campaign vehicle parked in Lima was vandalized on October 15. Jim Szczesniak, the Conservative candidate for Livingston County Sheriff, offered the following reaction:

Szcz-Van-Vandalized.jpgI think the people of Livingston County understand that our campaign does not condone acts of vandalism – even when they are committed against our political opponent’s campaign operation. I appreciate the fact that both Tom’s campaign and mine have played fairly up to this point. We have kept our respective campaigns positive, and I desire that it remain that way.

Both campaigns have come under attack in recent months by misguided individuals. Prior to the September Primary, it was my campaign’s van that was vandalized in Mt. Morris and a cousin’s van in Lakeville. Police reports concerning these incidents were filed. It appears that the acts against these two vehicles were committed by teens with too much time on their hands. I expect and hope that it is the same concerning Mr. Dougherty’s vehicle.

However, as a gesture of goodwill, I am personally offering to pay for the damage sustained to Mr. Dougherty’s campaign truck on October 15. I want Mr. Dougherty and campaign supporters on both sides to understand this is inappropriate behavior. No matter who committed the crime, no one is above the law.

In the finals days of this campaign, may cooler heads prevail as we strive to keep Livingston County a safe community.

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