Speaker Pelosi Allows Impeachment; Backs Her Conference Into A Corner

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The following is a statement from the New York State Conservative Party on the news that the U.S. House of Representatives will draw up articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump.

Brooklyn, NY – Speaker Nancy Pelosi was never a good leader; now she has hit a new low by her determination to dispose of a duly elected president by moving forward with the articles of impeachment. 

Every person that has been allowed to speak have agreed on one thing: they have no knowledge of a quid pro quo, nor do they have first-hand knowledge of bribery or any other crime. This impeachment inquiry is a political cesspool determined to continue as Washington’s swamp and will stop at nothing to prevent President Donald J. Trump from doing the job 63 million Americans asked him to do.  

Speaker Pelosi, the die has been cast. While you try to justify your need to empower the cowards who are not willing to act on behalf of all Americans, clear-thinking Americans are appalled by this sham you continue to perpetrate.

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