Statement From Chairman Jason J. McGuire In Regard To Judicial Petitions

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Livingston County, NY – Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, issued the following statement regarding the party’s petition process for this year’s judicial races:

“Yesterday, was the deadline for petition signatures to be submitted to the County Board of Elections for all candidates seeking to appear on the ballot in the June 25, 2019 Primary Election. As many Conservatives are aware, our party is potentially facing a four-way primary for the county’s two judicial seats. The Livingston County Conservative Party has endorsed Jennifer Noto and Kevin Van Allen for the county’s two judicial seats. Unfortunately, two other candidates, Democrat Margaret Linsner and Republican Jeanne Michalski, have chosen not to respect the fair and open interview process, but are attempting to highjack the Conservative Party line.”

“Due to the timing of when candidate petitions were filed and a deadline for challenges to candidate petitions, a member of our party pre-emptively filed general objections to the Conservative petition signatures submitted by the Linsner and Michalski campaigns. We will know before the end of the day whether or not the Linsner and Michalski campaigns will file general objections to our petitions. If so, the next step will be that an interested member of our party will file specific objections to the Linsner and Michalski petitions. Our hope is that it will not be necessary to file any specific objections to the challengers’ petitions. However, should any challenge to our petitions and the will of our party be presented, the Conservative Party is prepared to do what is necessary to defend our principles and our right to choose the candidates who appear on the Conservative Party’s Row C.”

Thank you for supporting Jennifer Noto and Kevin Van Allen, the Livingston County Conservative Party’s endorsed candidates for County Judge.

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