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Government is too big and spends too much money and that makes the politicians in Albany too powerful. Too often, the politicians are willing to sell that power to the highest bidder and use their power to enrich their cronies and themselves. We have seen the results. In the last seven years, 32 state level officials have been snared in corruption cases.

There is one solution to this problem: term limits – an idea supported by 82% of New Yorkers. The Conservative Party is one of the only groups in New York that is speaking out forcefully and fearlessly for term limits that will help stop public corruption.

Lord Acton said, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Right now, the politicians in Albany have the absolute power to stay in office for as long as they can game the system – and they use that power to enrich themselves and their cronies – enough is enough. Now is the time to force the politicians in Albany to listen to the citizens to support term limits.

The Conservative Party is urging New York's citizens to be a part of this fight for real reform and responsible government. It is time for the citizens of New York to be heard, not the bureaucrats who will suggest everything except the one true reform - term limits – to help end the corruption that has become all too familiar.


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