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What are we committed to conserving? We want to conserve the gift given to us by our nation’s Founding Fathers. One nation, under God, with liberty and Justice for all.

This requires upholding the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We are committed to preserving the history of our great country and the men and women who through their courage and fortitude make this nation great. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin set us on a course that allowed us to improve our nation, to lift out of poverty millions of people, to guarantee religious freedom for all, and to offer unlimited opportunity for all its citizens. We are committed to preserving this legacy by honoring those who made this a reality.

Today, our nation faces unprecedented challenges. The Covid19 pandemic from Communist China has killed more than 140,000 Americans and severely damaged the economy. Governors and mayors have exercised dubious emergency powers based on civilization’s most dangerous lie: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you,” even as evidence mounts that the treatment may be more destructive than the disease.

Then leftist radicals seized on a tragic act of police brutality to launch election year disruptions of civic order. Rioting, looting, destruction of businesses and historic memorials, assaults on bystanders and police – culminated in idiotic demands that cities reduce the number of police officers standing between the mob and innocent citizens. The worst Democrat mayors mindlessly complied.

We take these rioters at their words: They want to destroy the American system of government by eradicating our national history, by disobeying our laws, by forcibly wresting private property away from its rightful owners, and by imposing a culture in which people are intimidated into submitting to the demands of so-called people of color.

One driving force behind this politically motivated violence is the Antifa movement. We stand firmly behind President Trump’s efforts to restore law and order and support his declaration that Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization.

America is the most heterogeneous nation in the world, and the Conservative Party believes that our Constitutional freedoms, cultural diversity, and opportunity-rich economy make discrimination rare. Systemic racism is a lie. The loudest shouts of discrimination come from those demanding cash and standing they have not earned in an honest and fair merit evaluation.

While elites and elements of the media are working, and scheming, and lying to remake the United States and the world order, the Conservative Party remains committed to legally working to build a better and more prosperous nation through evolutionary change based on the wisdom of our ancestors.

In 2016, Americans shocked the world by electing Donald Trump, President of the United States. In the most dramatic way, Americans announced they were tired of politicians who denied the greatness of America, who pursed a globalist agenda that cost us jobs and the lives of military personnel, and who used the judiciary and the bureaucracy against the interests of ordinary citizens, the family, and religious institutions. The New York State Conservative Party is proud of the role it played in supporting the underdog Donald Trump in 2016 and we are committed to continuing our support of the Trump revolution.

Since its founding the New York State Conservative Party has stood by its conservative principles through some difficult periods. We oppose wrongheaded Washington programs like Obamacare, we oppose the nationwide movement to create Sanctuary Cities and States, we vigorously oppose illegal immigration, and we are staunch opponents of attacks on our religious values and institutions.

In 2020, we are deeply concerned about the break down in the rule of law. State and local jurisdictions openly flaunt their refusal to uphold federal laws they don’t like. These elected officials are often backed up by rogue Judges who defend their illegal actions. Currently, we are pleased that the Trump Administration is pushing back against this breakdown in the Rule of Law by demanding the end to Sanctuary jurisdictions. We will continue to support such efforts.

Our Positions on Important National Issues Follows:

The Constitution

The United States Constitution is the foundation of our nation of laws. Since the early 20th century, political liberals have made and continue to make a concerted effort to disregard or re-interpret the Constitution. We categorically reject any attempts to undermine the Constitution.

The assault on the Constitution, now includes some sitting judges. They make judicial decisions based on their mistaken belief that the courts should legislate policy and they ignore laws enacted by the Congress.

Adherence to the Constitution, provides our nation with surety, stability, and the wisdom and original intent of the Founders of our great nation.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • The appointment of Federal Judges who acknowledge the primacy of the original intent of the Constitution in all legal decisions.
  • The passage of a Constitutional Amendment that fixes the number of Supreme Court Justices at nine, the current number.

The Family

Every successful free society rests on strong family structures. For half a century the family structure in the United States has been under constant attacks. We support tax policies that favor families and marriage. We believe we must reengage family participation in the education of our children. This requires the elimination of Federal mandates which override local control of schools. Federal bureaucrats should not be setting educational policies.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • The traditional nuclear family as the essential foundation of a free, moral, and prosperous society.
  • The growing homeschooling movement. We oppose government mandates on homeschooling.
  • School choice, so parents are not forced to send their children to failing schools.

The Right to Life

Throughout the history of the Conservative Party we have worked with Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, and Independents. In recent years the Democrat Party has taken such a radical turn Left we find ourselves at loggerheads with them on issue after issue. Our differences have become monumental and none more glaring than on the issue of Right to Life. Democrats have adopted the barbaric policy of sanctioning the aborting of children as they are emerging from the mother’s womb. Having lost battle after battle in the abortion wars, the Democrats have adopted a policy that is inhuman.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Organizations that oppose abortions by offering counselling, prayer, and other assistance to expectant mothers.
  • The appointment of pro-life Justices.
  • The banning of assisted suicide. In countries that have legalized assisted suicide, government sanctioned “suicides” have skyrocketed. Studies have shown emotionally unstable elderly people are often badgered into ending their lives for the supposed benefit of their families and society.
  • Restrictions on taxpayer dollars being used to facilitate abortions.

The Economy

After decades of losing millions of manufacturing jobs overseas, the Conservative Party applauds the Trump Administration policies that has dramatically reversed the outflow of jobs. America is creating jobs at home at a faster pace than ever before. In addition to jobs, wages have increased for most workers and taxes have decreased. The statistics prove that this economic expansion is impacting workers at all levels of society. Black and Hispanic employment is at the highest level ever. We urge the continuation of these America First economic policies.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Continued lowering of taxes on working citizens.
  • Continued reduction in Federal regulations.
  • Using America’s economic strength to negotiate bi-lateral trade deals which benefit American workers, American business, and American farmers.
  • Encouraging American business to relocate their overseas plants back to the United States.
  • Free market capitalism and vigorously opposes the drift toward socialism.   No socialist society is a free society. We support freedom.

National Defense

Our nation’s defense resources should be used to protect the United States of America. In the recent past we have used these resources in the futile attempt to transplant Western values and systems to culture ill prepared to accept them, often resulting in damage to American foreign policy interests and increased danger to American citizens. We support acting to prevent and decisively responding to attacks on our country.

We are disturbed by reports that some of our military services are enforcing politically correct policies that are not improving our defensive capabilities. One ludicrous policy had the Department of Defense paying for sex change operations. We are pleased the Trump Administration ended this outrageous policy.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • The Trump Administration’s upgrading and modernizing of our military capabilities.
  • Repairing and improving programs that assist our veterans.
  • Using military force as a last resource.
  • Responding vigorously when the United States is attacked.
  • Keeping our military preparedness at the highest and most advanced levels.
  • The President’s authority to make military decisions, as Commander and chief, when emergencies arise that threaten our people.
  • The formal Declaration of War before large scale military action can be taken.

Foreign Policy

The greatest foreign threat to American interests is the People’s Republic of China. Through misguided policies of successive American Administrations, Communist China has risen to become a dangerous force that threatens the United States, our Asian allies, and the entire world.

The prime objective of foreign policy is to prevent war. Following the advice of our first President, George Washington, the United States should avoid entangling alliances. The objectives of our allies are not always identical to our own. We believe all our alliances, including NATO, should be re-evaluated to see if they still serve our national interests.

We believe the United Nations and any international organization that does not uphold the values of freedom and genuine human rights, are failed experiments.

We applaud the Trump Administration policies that improved economic relations with Mexico, Canada, and other nations.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Assisting Asian allies to form an alliance to combat Communist China. We should reaffirm our commitment to defend Taiwan, Communist China’s closest neighbor.
  • Formally leaving and ending economic subsidies for all international organizations that work against America’s interest.
  • Accelerated talks with the United Kingdom to conclude a post Brexit trade deal.
  • Continued moral and economic support for Christians under attack in the Middle East and Africa.
  • The United States vigorously announcing its support for oppressed people in Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela and elsewhere who are endangering their lives by protesting for freedom.


We continue our support of legal immigration while we vigorously oppose illegal immigration. We support increasing our policing resources along the Southern Border. Previous Administrations have allowed dangerous criminals – gang members and sex traffickers — to invade our country. This must stop.

“Birth Tourism” has become a  business by which companies – for a steep fee – provide women the opportunity to come to America on a tourist visa to give birth, get medical care, get citizenship,  then return to their homeland; it is different than “anchor babies” born to poor women who come to stay in America.  The Conservative Party calls on the US Congress to pass legislation that ends the business of “birth tourism” whose only goal is to provide US Citizenship.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Building a wall to keep out illegals.
  • Increased resources for ICE and our Border Control forces. We applaud the brave men and women who control our borders and defend our nation.
  • We support President Trump’s ban on immigration from states that sponsor terrorism.
  • To reduce the risk of pandemics, visa applicants from China should be required to provide a saliva sample at a US consulate no less than eight days before arrival and be subject to enhanced temperature screening at immigration control.

Freedom of Speech

We are deeply concerned by the growing movement to deny professors and students the right to speak their minds. Politically correct mobs are intimidating supporters of President Trump, and the United States into silence. Often college administrators’ support censoring of ideas. Taxpayers should not fund the denial of free speech on college campuses.  We believe this leftist bullying must end.

The Environment

We are stewards of God’s earth and we take this responsibility seriously. We do not believe we are heading toward Armageddon because we are using fossil fuels, natural gas, and fracking. Long before man introduced carbons into the atmosphere the earth experienced radical cooling (The Ice Age) and warming. It is normal for the earth to get warmer and cooler.

We oppose government subsidies for alternative energies like wind power, solar power and ethanol. Such subsidies benefit business interests and not the consumer. Predictions that alternative energies will replace natural gas and fossil fuels are unsubstantiated. Billions have been invested in wind farms which has resulted in the death of millions of birds, massive maintenance costs passed on to consumers, and a huge environmental challenge to dispose of abandoned wind farms.

The Federal Government should not be subsidizing alternative energy technologies.

The Media

There is no doubt the Mainstream Media has abandoned all pretense of being unbiased. The New York Times and the Washington Post plus the vast majority of television news outlets have been turned into anti-Trump machines. Along with making unfounded charges that “he killed 150,000 people” and conspired with Russia to become a dictator, there is a concerted effort by social media monopolies to censor conservatives. This has led some conservatives to support regulating these social media enterprises.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Minimal interference in the operation of social media platforms. These private enterprises should be allowed to operate as they see fit but should not receive any favors from government.

The Second Amendment

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  Our Founding Fathers understood the importance of these 26 words having just fought for freedom from an unrepresentative tyrant.  They wanted to ensure that its citizens could always fight back against the intolerable abuse of government power.  To this end the Conservative Party firmly believes that America’s citizens shall have the right to protect themselves with legally purchased firearms and no state or local laws shall conflict with federal laws in the licensing or issuance of permits to citizens in good standing.


Generations of federal involvement in education policies have produced poorer and poorer results.  Showering educational institutions with federal dollars may have had the reverse effect of hardening a liberal bias in our colleges and further removing primary and secondary education from parental control.

The Conservative Party believes our schools must return to teaching American history, values and civics in place of a generic curriculum entitled social studies. Our children must be taught that our nation is a force for good.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Competition in education through vouchers, tax credits and school choice.
  • Homeschooling and charter schools, which are important options that all levels of government must recognize and support.
  • The Federal Department of Education needs to be phased out with its responsibilities and multi-billion-dollar budget returned to the states.
  • Ending federal funding for educational institutions that stifle free speech.

Law Enforcement

The Conservative Party stands with the vast majority of Americans who oppose calls to defund law enforcement. While policing can always be improved, and unfit officers removed, the need for well-trained, adequately staffed law enforcement agencies is necessary to protect the rule of law for all.

The Conservative Party Opposes:

  • Any proposal that would create unsafe work conditions for members of law enforcement and in doing so negatively impact public safety.
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