Van Allen Will Not Seek Primary, Exits Race for County Court Judge

Last week letters sent by local attorney and judicial candidate Kevin Van Allen began circulating to Livingston County Conservative and Republican Committee Members. The letter stated that Mr. Van Allen would not be circulating petitions seeking a primary on the Conservative or Republican lines in this year’s election. Furthermore, Van Allen indicated that he would not be seeking to run on any other line either. The announcement was praised by both the Conservative and Republican County Chairmen as well as the other judicial candidates.

Mr. Jason J. McGuire, Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party, issued the following comments regarding Mr. Van Allen’s decision, “Livingston County voters should be thankful that we will have two experienced judges returning to the bench. Additionally, we applaud Kevin Van Allen’s decision to step aside at this time. Without a doubt, the manner in which Mr. Van Allen has interviewed with the committees and conducted himself since their respective decisions sets him up as the perceived frontrunner when there is a vacancy in the county court.”

Mr. Lowell Conrad, long-time Chairman of the Livingston County Republican Committee, was similarly pleased with Van Allen’s announcement. Conrad said, “It was a wise decision and is beneficial to all parties involved. The committee process is one that should be respected. Kevin has shown that he understands that.”

The Honorable Robert B. Wiggins, an incumbent judge and current court candidate, responded: “I, of course, am most grateful to the Committees of the Republican and Conservative Parties for their trust and support. I am also grateful to Judge Cohen and Mr. Van Allen for the manner in which they conducted themselves. I congratulate Judge Cohen, and I greatly appreciate Mr. Van Allen’s acceptance of and respect for this process. I am sure that will serve him well in the future.”

The Honorable Dennis S. Cohen also praised the move. Cohen, a current county court judge and candidate hoping to return to the bench, said: “These decisions are never easy, but Kevin did the right thing in choosing to show deference to the decision of the county’s Conservative and Republican Committees.  Livingston County voters can remain confident that the county’s judicial needs will be capably served now and in the future.”

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