Voters Should Not Fall for False Promises in Flowery Ballot Language

On November 5, voters across the state will be asked to pass or defeat six constitutional amendments appearing on this year's ballot.

Most of the summaries are straight forward. However, the most controversial proposal asks voters to approve or reject a plan to expand casino gambling (Proposal #1). The proposal is written in such a way as to suggest that passage will lower property taxes and provide increased aid to schools. The language is terribly biased and deceptive. The legislative language does not include the benefits the proposal suggests. There is no binding action that will require legislators to lower taxes or increase aid to schools if passed.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislators may be willing to cash in their chips for casinos, but the Conservative Party is not.

The New York State Conservative Party recommends a:

  • NO vote on Proposal #1.  
  • YES vote on Proposal #2.
  • NO vote on Proposal #3.
  • YES vote on Proposal #4.
  • YES Vote on Proposal #5.
  • NO vote on Proposal #6.

The Conservative Party’s positions on these proposals are stated in the 4-page synopsis of all six 2013 ballot proposals.

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