With Tenney, Helming and Byrnes, Livingston County Can Claim A Conservative Trifecta

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By Jason J. McGuire

On November 8 (or before if one takes advantage of early or absentee voting), Livingston County voters will elect new representation at both the state and national level. In this year’s election, the people of this county can choose the conservative trifecta in Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, State Senator Pam Helming, and Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes.

Each will be a strong voice for our region and represent us well in legislative halls. While the people of the 133rd Assembly District have already seen that Asm. Marjorie Byrnes is a friend of our families and a champion for our values, we can rest assured that Rep. Claudia Tenney and Sen. Pam Helming will also stand up for the people of the 24th Congressional and the 54th State Senate District. They may be new to this district, but they are not new to the challenges of operating a small business while raising a family in this state. Rep. Tenney and Sen. Helming may be a new name to the voters of this county, but as is the case with Asm. Byrnes, each has a long history of standing up for conservative principles like limited government, personal responsibility, Second Amendment Rights, and protecting the most vulnerable among us.

It’s for these reasons and many others that the Livingston County Conservative Party urges voters to not only vote for these three candidates, but to do so on the Conservative Party’s “C” line.

Jason J. McGuire serves as chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party

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